Facilities and Services

The British American Pre-School is located in an attractive building in a quiet area of Milan. The pre-school is very spacious and has every relevant facility including a large multi-function activity room, a full-sized gymnasium and a lovely big garden, a truly excellent environment for early learning. All the classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art computers and iPads for the older children. There are sleeping facilities for the Toddler and Nursery class children.


Garden BAPS

The outside area is covered by an all-weather synthetic rubber surface. The garden is equipped with tricycles, bicycles, wheelbarrows and a sand play area. The garden is a big outdoor learning environment: on sunny days, school activities are often taken outside.



Large and versatile the gym is used not only for sports but also for conferences, exhibitions, book fairs, theatrical plays and musicals.


Our library houses a collection of more than 2,600 volumes in English for children from ages 2-6. An additional selection of books is kept in each classroom for the children to access easily. Each class visits the library once a week to view books and listen to stories.

Dining Facility

Starters, main courses, side dishes, vegetables and desserts: the meals, prepared by Soluzione Servizi, feature different menus that follow the seasonal cycle.
And that's not all: we have reduced the use of plastic involving students and teachers in waste sorting.
Special meals are prepared for children with dietary restrictions.

For more nutritional information, please click on the below links

Toddlers menu
Preschool menu


Bus Service

Our bus service meets the needs of every family; it is efficient, flexible and punctual. It is organised in two ways: door-to-door service (from home to school) or at pre-determined pick-up points. The trip is never longer than 30 minutes, available also in certain hinterlands.


Medical Room

Medical Room BAPS

First aid for minor injuries or ailments are attended by our nurse.

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The school is open from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 4.00 pm