Join our Full Immersion English pre-school program! Children at The British American Pre-School live in a caring and supporting learning environment and they develop their intellectual, physical, and creative potential.

Application Procedure

  • Contact Admissions;
  • Schedule your personal visit in Italian or English.

BAPS Admission cut-off dates

The following are the cut-off dates for our BAPS students (school year 2019/2020):

Grade at BAPS Age Level at BAPS
Toddlers (age 2-3) Age 2 by January 31st 2020
Nursery (age 3-4) Age 3 by January 31st 2020
Transition (age 4-5) Age 4 by January 31st 2020
Reception (age 5-6) Age 5 by January 31st 2020