After School Activities

The British American Pre-School offers a range of extracurricular clubs age appropriated. After-school activities include Ballet, Football, Judo, Music and Theatre.


Qualified teachers teach classical Ballet to all age groups. For the younger children emphasis is particularly given to posture, mime and musical appreciation. Specifically devised for the needs of pre-school and primary school children the Ballet lessons work to enhance learning, physical development and creativity of young children, giving them a safe environment and enabling them to become more confident and socially aware.


Football BAPS

The Football program starts from the last year of pre-school. Invaluable social skills like listening, sharing, taking turns and teamwork are conscientiously woven into an involving program that places as much emphasis on simple learning concepts like colours and numbers as it does on fine-tuning a child’s basic balance, agility and coordination.



Judo lessons start from the second year of pre-school. Judo can teach young children many important lessons about respect, self-confidence and discipline while increasing strength, flexibility and coordination.

Music and Theatre

Music and theatre BAPS

The drama extra activity works by encouraging children in dramatic expression, using narrative pantomime. A playful yet guided experience to utilise their language skills while engaged in the activity.

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