Bruno Munari

Bruno Munari BAPS

Creative learning is important for children of all ages, as it brings huge benefits to a child’s overall development. The method is based originally on the principles of Active Discovery Learning developed by psychologist Jean Piaget and followed by physician and educator Maria Montessori. At the heart of Bruno Munari Method® is the didactic principle of “learning by doing", the teacher acts as a facilitator not telling the children waht to do, which is at the centre of Montessori’s philosophy as well. The Bruno Munari® BAPS Atelier calls for experimentation, researching and discovering autonomously. It is a method in progress, because it intends to leave plenty of room for creative action; this is the reason it was originally called Giocare con l’Arte (Playing with Art). It fosters the idea of Learning by doing. Each workshop is different and that stimulates personal curiosity and the attitude to research: ideas are born from the experiences and imagination of the little ones, who learn to express themselves by exploring different possibilities. Munari defined this method as an "active-scientific method”: from an early age children are invited to play freely to stimulate their creativity and their "creative design thinking". The British American Pre-School offers a wide art program that stimulates children to make multi-sensorial experiences and to work with a large variety of materials and tools.