Jolly Music


Jolly Music BAPSJolly Music is a multi-sensory music program which incorporates singing, dancing and movement, to help children learn basic music skills such as: rhythm, beat, tempo, pitch, inner hearing and music memory. By using their body, an object or an instrument, they showcase the skill which they have learnt and have the chance to reproduce and perform it with the class, as a group, or individually. This gives children an outlet where they can build self-confidence and performance skills (which is very important in the EYFS framework and has been proven to help them across other learning areas in class). Following on, numerous studies have shown that music has an important influence on cognitive and sensory development in children and helps them to maintain focus and concentration, which is not limited just to music. Furthermore, with bilingual children who may not feel confident in both languages, music gives them a moment where they can communicate and express themselves naturally and freely. This program is based on the principles of Hungarian composer and music educator Zoltán Kodály (1882-1967), who taught that children learn music in the most effective and efficient way by learning popular folk songs and tunes. Thus, children are principally taught through song; which enables them to become instant music makers, without the need to learn how to play a specific instrument.