The Many Faces of Giving
The Many Faces of Giving

The constructivist approach of asking questions, exploring, reflecting, and most of all taking charge of their own learning is what makes BAPS' program even more meaningful for our children. From our community to the planet, here is how we make sharing our abilities a multi-faceted curriculum

At BAPS we aim to cover concepts that stimulate children's social/emotional, cognitive and language development. One way we do this is to have discussions about what we see, why things happen and how things work. Students are encouraged to constantly question about their surrounding environment, which helps develop their understanding of cause and effect and critical thinking skills.

Learning by Doing

When you allow space for children to reflect on these ideas, you create an opportunity for them to communicate their interests. This Constructivist approach to learning allows children to explore and experiment on their own terms, and witness the results of their hypotheses right before their eyes. In this social context, learners play an active role and are the constructors of their own knowledge and understanding. These meaningful and personal experiences are then facilitated in both direct teaching and spontaneous play situations; an approach to early childhood education that highlights the development of intrinsic curiosity, higher thinking skills, and connections that will continue within students throughout their entire learning journey. For example, recently at our school we have introduced the concept of "giving". What can we do to give back to our community and the earth? What skills do we have that can help others? What small action can we take to make a difference in the class, at home or in our community?

Recycling and donating

At school, we have been giving back to earth by recycling. We divide our trash/rubbish between plastic waste, paper waste, and food waste. We talk about how recycling gives the earth and other people the chance to use these materials again and again always in a new way! The children learn the importance of taking care of nature and all living things.

We value creating a sense of community at school and we support each other every day. Through our BAPS Food Drive the children have been exploring the concept of helping out their community on a larger scale. We have talked about how there are people in our city that have less than we do and we can take steps to donate or volunteer to take care of them. Students are able to connect what we cover in class with direct, hands-on experiences further solidifying the topics discussed. By taking part in these practices children are developing empathy, a sense of identity, critical thinking skills, language skills... the list goes on! At BAPS we teach what it means to be a global citizen and that any action -no matter how small- can make a big difference.

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